Introducing PromptsArch - an archive for Prompt Engineering!

Hello world!
I’m thrilled to introduce my latest pet project: the ChatGPT Prompt Archive 🚀. As a software engineer and great lover of ChatGPT since its release, I’ve created a collection of prompts with the goal to unlock the full potential of this amazing language model.

The creation of ChatGPT has sparked a significant AI boom, revolutionizing the landscape of natural language processing and generating widespread excitement and interest. However, turns out that achieving optimal results with generative AI models (and ChatGPT in particular) requires careful crafting of prompts. That’s how Prompt Engineering subject was born.


I embarked on creating Prompt Archive with the main goal of collecting and saving best practices and prompt engineering techniques that have proven to be effective in communicating with ChatGPT model.

Prompt Archive consists of various prompts, descriptions about how the prompt work and what effect it causes to ChatGPT, and some number of examples to each prompt. I work on adding new prompts to the project every day, so the content of the archive will be constantly updated.


By the way, contributions and feedback to the source code will be very welcomed! If you have prompt suggestions, improvements, or additional categories to add, please feel free to submit issues and pull requests. You’re also welcome to fork the Prompt Arch repository and/or modify it however you want. I wish together, we can continue to refine and expand the Prompt Engineering subject and culture!

I sincerely hope you enjoy Prompts Arch!
Happy prompting and enjoyable coding!


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